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About Us

API Bridge Power

Benefits of Trading with APIBridge

Features & Important Or Broker List

While conventional trading platforms work based on only buy and sell; APIBridge work on 4 types of Signals, QUICK+” For placing orders, APIBridge requires values either from Signal, or from your settings.API Bridge is intelligent application and it give you full control to decide . Long Entry (LE): Equivalent to fresh Buy for creating Long position Long Exit (LX): Equivalent to Sell for reducing/squareoff Long position Short Entry (SE): Equivalent to fresh Sell for creating Short position Short Exit (SX): Equivalent to Buy for reducing/squareoff Short position

➡️ choice your Script list.
➡️ Order Quantity, Order Type BUY/SELL and Product Type MIS/CNC.
➡️ Maximum profit/loss per day, Also you can set as per your investment Strike price ATM/ITM/OTM .
➡️ Limit for that day each stock , Trailing Stop Loss/Trailing Profit per trade.
➡️ Also you can do all this process modify/cancel orders as well as read live portfolio .
➡️ Semi & Fully automated trading.
➡️ Email alert on order failures.
➡️ Supports all segments (Cash, Stock, Future Derivatives & Commodity Derivatives is upcoming).
➡️ Order placements less than 200-300 milliseconds on average.
➡️ You can trade manually or automate your trading strategies using our APIs.
➡️ You can manage & Trade multiple trading accounts from anywhere via browser on mobile or PC.
➡️ Exit live running trade on market price .


We do NOT provide any algos. We do NOT provide any kind financial advisory or promise any kind of financial returns. We do NOT have any official partnership with any of the stock brokers / realtime nse data feed mentioned on website / software page.

Broker List 6 API's Supported, Seamless Integration

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