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In other software you have to sync NSE live data every day at 8:45 am. After which you get to know today's live data. If you do not sync the data then you will face problems in taking trades. Apart from this, you also have to start chart bands every day. In the indices of other software, only 5-10 strike prices are available in both the options. If the market goes up or down by 500 - 700 - 1000 points in 1 day then you have to close that software and start it again or you have to hide / show the stock list.

QUICK+ : In the software you do not need to do all this processing. QUICK+ itself is capable of automatically syncing and filtering all these processes and keeps updating real time NSE Real Data.

Customer Options Algo

On other algo software platforms you have to check expiry every week. If you do not change the expiry your client's auto trade will not take place. You have to put target, SL along with strike price on every chart of the software. If you do not give all this properly then your trade will not be buy sell.

QUICK+ : In the software you do not need to change any expiry nor open any different charts, nor do you need to set target, SL. All these processes will be done one time by your customer and there is no need to change it every week or month. The software is so capable that it automates all these processes. .

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Trading View

Quick Algo Plus has partnered with TradingView for its charting solution. A social trading platform offering an exceptional charting experience by which users can conveniently track the prices of different instruments like dow futures and eur usd.